More details on the Burnout Paradise Bikes Pack

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We’ve known that motorbikes were coming to Burnout Paradise for some time now, but Criterion has just released a bunch of new details on this upcoming Bikes Pack on the PlayStation Blog.

In this FREE pack, you can start out with either a FV1100 street bike or a Japanese Firehawk racing bike. As you continue on with bike gameplay, more will be uncovered, and Criterion says that they’ll release details on these other vehicles in a later update.

And you may already know that you can ride these bikes at night, so Paradise City will get a new look for that. They mention reduced traffic, which is great for players like me (read: I suck).

You’ll have plenty to do on these bikes. Criteron has created 70 bike-specific challenges, 35 of which are “timed, multi-part challenges.” And all of this is for free. It looks like Nick will have to eat some of his words.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be embarassed as another DLC content provider. Criterion is supporting an already great title with a ton of free hotness. Some of the other guys are charging too much for stuff that should’ve been free. I’d dare say that many of us would be happy to pay for this Bike Pack, but it’s great that we don’t have to. 

Be sure to check out some seriously badass screenshots in the gallery below.

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