More busted downloads on EU PSN: Crash 2 now crashing

Just yesterday

we told you that Medievil was pulled down from the PlayStation Network due to bugs, and now it looks like two more games have joined the ‘broken downloads’ club.

We mentioned yesterday that Sypro 2 was also suffering a few problems, and now it has been removed along with Crash Bandicoot 2, both released on Europe’s PlayStation Store last week. We know that Medievil crashes during game play in the third level, and heard Sypro 2 has some audio glitches, but now some say that Crash Bandicoot 2 won’t properly boot on PSP systems.

Fixes are already underway, and as we said before, those who purchased these games on Sony’s PlayStation Store earlier will be able to downloaded the repaired versions for free. Again, re-release dates for these titles are currently unknown.

[Via Gamersquad]

Dale North