More Black Ops PC updates detailed

If you’re still attempting to play Call of Duty: Black Ops on PC, then bless your little heart. Treyarch has released details of another upcoming patch that aim to get the bedraggled game up to working condition following a general performance patch that worked a little bit. 

Here’s what the next round of fixes will address:

  • GPU hitching on certain graphics cards.
  • Incomplete server browser results.
  • Improvements to Quickmatch joins (results with better ping and reduced lag).
  • Zombies “The game session is no longer available” error.

Black Ops‘ shoddy PC port has come under fire for its shocking quality, nowhere more than on Destructoid. Some gamers insist that the problems aren’t there and insinuate that certain reviewers are making it up. Considering thousands of other gamers have the same issues, there’s only one answer — we deliberately broke all the servers in the world so we could troll people with our review. 

Your emotional stability when it comes to videogames is just that important to us!

[Via Official Forum]

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