More analyst doom and gloom for the PlayStation 3

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If the gaming world were ruled by analysts, we wouldn’t have anything to spend our free time on. It seems all they want to do is spoil our fun and get all stuffy with the numbers. Such is the case with the latest faceless analyst group to claim that the PlayStation 3 ain’t doin’ so well and may not do so well in the coming year. Predictions man, predictions:

According to a new report by Japanese analyst group Nomura Securities, Sony will only reach 75 percent of its fiscal year sales target for PlayStation 3 consoles after a lower-than-expected U.S. holiday sales season for the next-gen console.

Sony’s estimated PlayStation 3 sales up to the end of March 2007 were cut from 6 million to 4.5 million by the group, with what it called “poor sales” in North America through December as the leading factor cited for the drop.

Beyond this year, the group lowered its sales for the next fiscal year (ending March 2008) from 16 million to 10 million, and from 18 million to 11 million the year following (ending March 2009), likely reflecting a lack of confidence by Nomura in the product as a whole, rather than any shorter-term supply issues.

Here’s my analysis to this analysis: No.

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