Moore: Hatred for sports games is ‘misguided’

Reactions to sports games from the “hardcore” crowd tends to range from apathy to outright disgust, but Peter Moore, the feline head of EA Sports, believes the haters are misguided and don’t really know what they’re criticizing.

“Sports games are often misguidedly slighted for a lack of creativity,” writes Moore. “Uneducated gamers will cry, ‘You just update the rosters.’ No doubt you’ve heard me vigorously defend the amount of innovation that our Tiburon and EAC studios deliver in our annual titles.

“For all of the ‘haters’ of the Sports genre, I urge you to check out Fight Night Champion to experience the amount of creativity and innovation we’re delivering with this game when it launches on 1st March.”

It’s been noted before that there is a surprising amount of innovation in sports games, especially in terms of visuals. These games sell ludicrous amounts, yet get very little respect. I have absolutely no interest in them at all, but one can’t really deny the amount of work that must go into them. 

Is Boxing Dead? [EA Sports]

James Stephanie Sterling