Moonrise is like a real-time Pok?mon, and is coming to Early Access

Remember Spectrobes? Me neither

I really don’t think Undead Labs was thinking too far past State of Decay when coming up with iys team name. Especially now its latest game, Moonrise, is absolutely nothing like it, and there’s not a zombie in sight.

Moonrise is a “real-time tactical creature battler”, which I’m going to guess is a convoluted way of saying “real-time Pokémon”. Players will collect, train, and evolve monsters called ‘Solari’ in both a single player story campaign and a competitive PvP multiplayer mode.

So yeah, it’s pretty much Pokémon. Which is absolutely not a bad thing, seeing as we haven’t got a Pokémon game on Steam yet. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how that formula is adapted to real-time combat, as well as seeing how the genre is adapted by a western development team.

It’s heading to Steam Early Access for PC and Mac on May 27, and it’ll set you back either $14.99 or $19.99 depending on which edition you choose. Both come with exclusive skins and extra premium content, however the $19.99 Guildmaster’s Edition contains a bit more of both.

Joe Parlock