Mooncrest’s Kickstarter cancelled due to lack of support

It’ll return with gameplay footage

A few weeks ago, a group of former BioWare developers took to Kickstarter with the idea for Mooncrest: a single-player RPG with real-time Dark Souls inspired combat, a “cinematic” conversation system, and environmental puzzles.

It caused a bit of a fervour, having just the right names and the right little slip of Dark Souls to get people interested. Unfortunately, it looks like it wasn’t enough as the developers have now cancelled the campaign due to lack of support. It only managed to raise $48,618 out of its $400,000 goal when it was canned.

Developer KnightMayor seems to understand where it went wrong – their bad pitch video that lacked any actual footage of the game:

Coming out of the gate things looked great, but a weak project video, coupled with poor messaging, and no ingame footage was the death of us.”

This isn’t the end for Mooncrest though, as KnightMayor will be returning to Kickstarter once it has some actual gameplay footage to show:

Our future plans are to lick our wounds, address all of the criticisms/complaints we received, and move forward with another Kickstarter once we’re ready. Our focus will be on having a pitch video that actually, ya know, pitches the game, having ingame footage to show, and just going more in depth on what we have in place to see this game through production and to release.”

Turns out you can’t get by simply on past industry experience and name-dropping currently popular games anymore after all. Who’d have thought it? Let’s hope it can get back on the horse once it has something to show.

Joe Parlock