Unknown Worlds details PC playtests for upcoming strategy game Moonbreaker


Players can hop in either weekend for an early peek

Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds recently revealed its upcoming strategy game Moonbreaker. And if en end-of-September Early Access launch seems too far away, the studio is hosting several playtest sessions very soon.

Moonbreaker will hit Steam Early Access on September 29. Prior to that, though, Unknown Worlds and Krafton will host two playtest weekends, on September 9 through 11 and September 16 through 18.

The primary goal of these sessions will be to stress-test the servers. Getting signed up for the playtest is pretty easy, too.

How to sign-up for Moonbreaker playtest

  1. Log onto Steam
  2. Find Moonbreaker on the store (link)
  3. Click “Request Access” under the playtest section
  4. Confirm!

Easy enough, right?

Paint it, black (or any other color you’d like)

During these weekend playtests, players will have access to the full game, barring some systems and the store. This also includes all Season 1 units and Captains. While those will be gradually unlocked in the Steam Early Access version, the Moonbreaker playtest will make them available right away so everything can be tested.

All progress will be wiped too, with one notable exception. Paint jobs will carry forward into the Early Access. Since painting the virtual miniature figurines of Moonbreaker seems like a big draw, that’s nice to see.

Unknown Worlds also warns that these tests are meant to push the servers to their limits, and so interruptions and emergency maintenance can occur.

It’s a pretty easy playtest to sign up for, though. And with the Early Access not far off, this is a nice way to test the waters to see if this new Unknown Worlds experience is worth checking out on launch. I’m already into the surprisingly detailed painting features, but for those who want some tabletop strategy without the real-world clutter, this seems worth keeping an eye on.

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