Moonbreaker is removing Cargo Run Contracts from the game


The mode won’t have any buy-in anymore

Unknown Worlds’ Moonbreaker recently dropped into Early Access, allowing players to buy in and test it out. And in response to that feedback, the studio is already removing one element: the Cargo Run’s Contracts.

Cargo Run is a game mode in Moonbreaker where players can carry over, battle-to-battle, in order to build up a streak and win rewards. Playing through rounds, you still play typical Moonbreaker. Fight another team with your squad, defeat the Captain, and move on. If you fail, you drop the Cargo Run.

Playing these Cargo Runs initially cost a Contract. It’s not too dissimilar from how Hearthstone handles its Arena draft mode. Along the way, you can pick up cargo during matches for power boosts to your chosen squad, and get Blanks, a type of currency in Moonbreaker.

Dropping some cargo

Players, however, didn’t seem to like this set-up. Moonbreaker costs money to buy into already, and having an additional fee on top to play the Cargo Run mode didn’t seem to sit right.

In a post titled the “Cargo Run Update”, the Moonbreaker team confirms it’s removing Contracts from the game entirely.

“While our intent was always for players to be able to earn enough Blanks during Cargo Run to continually unlock additional Contracts to play, we understand the community’s collective frustration that this mode felt gated and the desire to have any possible limitation removed,” the blog reads.

Any players who purchased Contracts using Pulsars or Blanks before this change will get the full amount of relevant currency refunded. Any Contracts still in your player inventory will be converted to Blanks. And as the game is being adjusted for unlimited Cargo Run play, Blanks will not be on the reward table for the mode any more. Season Track XP will still be earnable, though.

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