Mooglefest! Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots, kupo

Moogles, how do they work? They work with cuteness, magic, sparkles and everything good. They’re the light in the world of Final Fantasy. You’re a broken, jaded, shi*tlump of a man if you don’t love Moogles. And pink hair. 

If you are fond of the Moogle kind then you’re going to love this new batch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots. They’re absolutely packed with the cute little flying bastards. You’ll see these little being thrown around in some of the shots. A good throw will have them help you nab goodies you couldn’t normally reach, it seems. There’s also some shots of Moogles assisting in clearing blocked paths. Cute and helpful!

There’s a few cool action shots of Serah thrown in for good measure, but it’s mostly Moogle action.

Dale North