Monument Valley 3 is currently in development

More rotational goodness

Developer ustwo games has confirmed that development of Monument Valley 3 is underway. A sequel to its acclaimed mobile puzzle titles, 3 will obviously contain more puzzle-solving goodness with excellent visuals. The duo of games are a great example of how to properly utilize the mobile format to create something unique and enjoyable. They’re also free of the typical mobile nonsense of “in-app purchases” and grindy progression.

While no platforms have been announced, it stands to reason that Monument Valley 3 will wind up on iOS and Android. The previous two games have not appeared on consoles or PC, so I wouldn’t expect this one to buck the trend. Even if this remains a mobile exclusive, it will likely be well worth checking out. I have the original and it’s great, so I have some high expectations for this next one.

ustwo games [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.