Monthly Musings: A cast of thousands…of polygons


Given the tremendous response to last month’s Musings theme, it appears that you guys really like to write when it concerns matters of nostalgia and personal opinion.

With that in mind, I present this month’s theme: “A cast of thousands…of polygons.” Simply put, which videogame characters mean something to you, personally?

Which characters do you personally relate to more than your fellow gamers? Which characters did you hate so much that destroying them (if you had the option) was an orgasmic experience? Which characters embody particular themes, ideas, or philosophies that you respect?

The theme is intentionally pretty vague, which means we’ll be interested to see where you fine c-bloggers go with it. It probably won’t be enough to just tell us that “Link is awesome cause he has a huge sword” or “Halo is a pretty cool guy”; you’ll have to look deeper into the characters that interest you (or, if no characters interest you, maybe try to explore why that is).

Just put “A cast of thousands” in your c-blog post (the “of polygons” bit isn’t necessary), and if you write something interesting, your c-blog could well be promoted to the front page. You have, as always, the entire month in which to write these.

If you have any questions, feel free to hit the comments. 

Anthony Burch