Monthly Musing: I Love Arcades

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[Dtoid community member LuckRequired takes us on a stroll through his memories of the heyday of arcades. Those of us who frequented these electric churches of joy will be brought back swiftly to a simpler time. Want to see your own stuff appear on the front page? Go write something! –Occams Electric Toothbrush]

I love the glowing screens dotted about in a dark environment, like a starry night sky, with no one telling you how bad the poor lighting is for your eyes. I love the stained, trodden, fatigued carpets that stick to your shoes as your skip from one arcade cabinet to the next. I love the chatter of cheers and groans as players react to their own or others performances. I love the myriad of sounds of produced by the games. The power-ups, the coin collecting and high scores dinging and pinging. It was a symphony unique unto itself. And I really love the sounds of coins clinking and clanging into slots, buttons being mashed and sticks waggling.

I love the challenge presented to you by that habitual passer by lurking from afar who appreciates your ability to dethrone their hi-score and immediately tries to take it back, as well as the camaraderie that the best arcades breed.

I love missing those things because they were a large part of my youth and a very distinctive part of gaming history that has left me with some really fond memories. Stuff that only I can recall, but know others have reveled in too. Finally beating the first stage on one credit, defeating that of wave of seemingly never-ending enemies, mastering my defenses and defeating that tricky credit devouring boss. And finally and perhaps most rewarding was standing my ground against an army of player two challengers.

I love you arcade emporiums!

I listened to this while typing this out.