Monster Hunter’s PC players get a taste of Raccoon City tomorrow

Five weeks of Resident Evil infiltrating Monster Hunter

Capcom’s aggressive cross-game promotion between Monster Hunter and other popular properties is always a sight to behold. The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, Horizon Zero Dawn — these are just a few crossover events to feature unlikely protagonists in The New World. Capcom is keeping it in-house for the next shindig, and console players can attest that it’s a S.T.A.R.(S.).

In its pursuit of eventual parity between the console and PC versions of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, the Resident Evil Raccoon City event is coming to PC tomorrow, February 6. Capcom just released a new trailer for the Resident Evil crossover (well, it’s ostensibly the exact same trailer as the console event), but the date doesn’t get any more specific than “February 2020.” However, an update announcement post on Steam specifies that it’ll run between February 6 and March 12.

Jordan meticulously and exhaustively detailed the Resident Evil content back in November, but here’s the abridged summary: The event quest, “Return of the Bioweapon,” has a twist where you’re turned into a zombie (on-brand); it culminates in a fight against a Blackveil Vaal Hazak (intimidating); your room has a Resi-appropriate typewriter and item box (classic); the ultimate pursuit is crafting armor that gives your hunter the likeness of Leon and/or Claire (trippy); and a paid add-on turns your handler into Mr. X (goddamn terrifying).

PC is slowly but surely catching up to consoles, as outlined in the Monster Hunter: World 2020 roadmap. Sometime in April, they’ll be completely synced up, ready to voyage out and fell ginormous beasts in unison.

Title Update 1 [Steam]

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