Monster Hunter: World’s PC port has some bad crashing issues

60 minute timer isn’t a suggestion

In the lead up to Monster Hunter: World’s PC release, reports are coming out that the port is quite demanding on CPUs. According to PC Gamer, specifically, individual core utilization can max out at 100% in some moments of gameplay and it seems to be causing a tremendous amount of crashes. Anyone familiar with Monster Hunter will know that certain battles can take upwards of 45 minutes, but apparently, the game crashes at an average of once per hour.

While this might be decent enough to work with for offline hunts (which feature autosaves and quicksaves), online hunts are where the issue starts to get a little ridiculous. Monster Hunter: World does have a built-in system to deal with random disconnects that can allow players to reconnect without losing all of their loot. Thing is, if you do miss that window (which will likely happen with a serious game crash), you’ll forfeit all quest rewards and basically be limited to harvesting from the fallen monster. Multiplayer, reportedly, increases the odds of a crash, which then compounds the issue.

PC Gamer reached out to Capcom for a quote, to which the developer replied, “We are aware of the crash issue and a fix is already in the works.” That isn’t a guarantee that everything will be ready for launch, but it isn’t uncommon for pre-release versions of games to suffer from more problems than its release counterpart. Still, be wary if you’re looking to grab World when it launches next week.

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Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.