Monster Hunter: World’s matchmaking on Xbox seems to be working now

Hunt’s on

Monster Hunter: World is a lot of people’s first Monster Hunter game. Most who aren’t familiar with the series are going to be overwhelmed by everything there is to learn. It seems like nothing’s as intuitive as you’d think it’d be in Monster Hunter.

That holds true for the matchmaking, as joining your friends in cooperative hunts isn’t as simple as just sending an invite. Xbox players have had a more frustrating experience since the game’s launch, though. Unbeknownst to most people, aspects of matchmaking have been non-functional.

Late Sunday night, the Monster Hunter Twitter account confirmed that the SOS flairs, squad session search, filter search, and matchmake features haven’t been working on Xbox. However, other online features, like joining a party member’s quest (assuming they’re through all appropriate cutscenes and whatnot) have worked. So it left people thinking that they didn’t understand some component rather than assuming it was broken.

As of last night, it should all work. Capcom rolled out a fix that brought all of these systems online. I just tested this out by responding to an SOS flair, and I was immediately added to a Barroth hunt with two people who were not good at hunting Barroths. So it seems like Monster Hunter: World‘s matchmaking problems on Xbox are fully resolved. That means now it’s on you if you can’t figure out how to get into a game.

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