Monster Hunter: World team reveals the most-hunted monsters you love to farm

Safi’jiiva wins

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Monster Hunter: World came out all the way back at the beginning of 2018, but folks are still playing it thanks to the relatively new Iceborne expansion.

Naturally, farming monsters is a huge part of what makes the long term appeal of the series tick, so what creatures are folks murdering over and over? Capcom has that list covered in a new tweet from the Japanese Twitter account.

The results aren’t really shocking for anyone who plays, as Safi’jiiva is the number one most-hunted monster, with Nergigante (who has served as a mascot for the series) came in at number three. Rounding out the top five is Zinogre at number two, with Teostra and Odogaron at four and five respectively. I’m alright with every single one of these as their designs slap: Odogaron looks like something that was born in a Resident Evil lab.

Loot obviously plays a part, which informs the least-hunted monster list. Poor old Scarred Yian Garuga comes in first as the least-popular creature, with Brute Tigrex, Bazelgeuse, Furious Rajang and Yian Garuga following in respective order. The Furious Rajang deserves more love!

You can find the full lists below if you’d like to pour over them.

Monster Hunter JP [Twitter]

Most hunted monsters:

1) Safi’jiiva

2) Zinogre

3) Ruiner Nergigante

4) Teostra

5) Odogaron

Least hunted monsters:

1) Scarred Yian Garuga

2) Brute Tigrex

3) Bazelgeuse

4) Furious Rajang

5) Yian Garuga

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