Monster Hunter: World peddles 650,000 digital copies in three days in Japan

New numbers come to light

In an era where so many publishers are mum on digital sales, it’s refreshing to actually get hard data every once in a while. Now we can start to piece together just how successful Monster Hunter: World was, alongside of the shipment/digital combined data we have from Capcom — at least as it pertains to Japan.

According to Famitsu, Monster Hunter: World sold roughly 650,000 units in just three days. Their data runs from January 1 to January 28, and given that World arrived on January 26, they barely had enough time for those copies to fly off the e-shelves. Another estimation involves 1.35 million units sold at retail in Japan in the initial three days since launch, putting the total at around two million sold in Japan without January 29 until present’s data.

Capcom noted in their big “shipped/digital” announcement that they pushed over six million units — and now we know at least two million came from  Japan.

Monster Hunter [Ryokutya via Silconera]

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