Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s PC port thaws out in January

Bag yourself an Articuno

Console players have been slaying Monster Hunter World: Iceborne‘s ferocious beasts for nearly two months now. The PC players have been frozen out for the time being. That changes early next year.

Capcom has finally dated Iceborne on PC. It’s launching on January 9, 2020. The trailer that’s embedded above details some features that are coming to the PC port such as: high-resolution texture packs, 4K resolution support, uncapped framerates, ultra-wide screen support, and DirectX 12 compatibility. Capcom also mentions “improved keyboard and mouse controls.”

Anyone who’s playing on PC has a bit more than two months to wait — a sizable chunk, but not the eight month gap between Monster Hunter: World‘s launch on consoles and PC. Here’s to hoping Iceborne doesn’t suffer the same technical issues (crashing, disconnects) that the base game struggled with. If everything goes smoothly, it’ll be an excellent expansion on an excellent platform.

Brett Makedonski
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