Monster Hunter Rise video series looks at an arsenal of stabby sticks

You’ll have someone’s eye out with that

Capcom has released a selection of trailers looking at the intricate and ornate weaponry that will feature in its upcoming Nintendo Switch adventure Monster Hunter Rise. Each death-dealer in the hunter’s arsenal has a style and personality befitting of its bearer. Choose wisely, as these tools are the only thing standing between you and your humongous prey.

For those who like to stay in the thick of the fight, but just out of harm’s way, The Lance is here for all your mid-range poking needs. A mostly defensive weapon, the lance allows for guard-stepping, slick evasive maneuvers, and medium to long-distance striking.

If you prefer your hunt as a war of attrition, that you might want to take a look at the Long Sword. This weapon deals hard, precision strikes, but also increases in power as the battle continues, charging up for devastating “Spirit Attacks” after numerous consecutive blows are landed.

Flashy and agile fighters will be all about the Dual Blades. When looking like a badass is just as important to you as staying alive, then these razor-sharp brothers will allow you to strike with speed and finesse, perfect for when you want to get your Ninja Rap on.

And finally – that old stalwart – The Bow. If you want to keep your prey far beyond arms’ length, then the bow offers unmatched mobility and sharp-shooting accuracy, while keeping you one step ahead of any gaping jaws.

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on Nintendo Switch March 26.

Chris Moyse
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