Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak shows off the tools of the trade

monster hunter rise sunbreak weapons trailer

You’re gonna need a bigger Switch Axe

Capcom has released a series of new trailers for Sunbreak, the upcoming DLC expansion for the popular fantasy-adventure Monster Hunter Rise. The videos focus on some of the tools and weapons that savvy explorers will be sure to pack before venturing out into the treacherous wildlands.

First on the agenda is the fantasy staple: The Sword & Shield. Combining both strong offensive and defensive options, this two-hand treasure has long been a trope of fantasy fiction, from the oldest of written fables to the most modern RPGs. In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the Sword & Shield combo provides the ability to strike hard in close combat, while retaining mobility and having several defensive options — a solid balance that provides the best of all worlds.

Perhaps the single most recognizable weapon in the Monster Hunter universe, the Switch Axe has been a recurring tool of the hunter’s arsenal since Monster Hunter 3. This heavy-hitting melee weapon is typified by its immense size, weight, and striking power, and is also imbued with powerful elemental abilities, which can be switched out by its wielder at a moment’s notice. Despite its notoriety as a close-distance weapon, the Switch Axe has surprising range and is capable of sweeping up many a beast from just beyond claw’s length.

For those who prefer to keep their prey at a healthy distance, the Heavy Bowgun remains one of the Monster Hunter franchise’s most reliable ranged weapons. A savvy marksperson is able to wear down or pick off targets from a relatively safe range, even going crouched or entirely prone to improve fire rate and accuracy. In Sunbreak, the Heavy Bowgun comes equipped with a Wirebug targeting ring, which will multiply the hit rate of any projectiles fired through it.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches on PC and Nintendo Switch June 30.

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