Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak September update brings Flaming Espinas

monster hunter rise sunbreak flaming espina update 2

Anybody bring the s’mores?

During its Gamescom 2022 presentation, Capcom offered up exciting new info on its fantasy adventure, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The publisher not only dropped a release window for the expansion’s next update but also treated Sunbreak fans to a fresh trailer, spotlighting the deadly Flaming Espinas.

Coming late September, the flashily-monikered “Update 2” will add a selection of new beasties to the game world, all ready and raring to be placed inside your trophy cabinet, or to make you a part of theirs. Leading the pack is the Flaming Espinas, a creature first discovered in 2008 PC release Monster Hunter Frontier Season 2.0. While typical in stature to the common Espinas, this variant boasts a hazardous orange glow, warning prey that its devastating flame breath is getting set to cinder.

Along with the arrival of this scary giant, Update 2 will feature new Rare creatures as well as “powered-up variants of Sunbreak‘s more familiar fare. Players should also most likely expect a fresh run of balance tweaks and bug stomps, ensuring that all is well in the lands of Kamura. A third update, coming this winter, will round out Sunbreak‘s 2022 content, though further quests, monsters, gear, and other additions are planned for release as we head into 2023.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Chris Moyse
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