Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gets a new title update later this month

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Free Title Update 3

Followers can tag along for more adventures

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A new, free title update is on its way to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The expansion to Monster Hunter Rise picks up some more monsters, as well as new layered weapons, Follower potential, and more in Free Title Update 3.

Free Title Update 3 rolls out on November 24, for everyone who owns Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The expansion’s currently available, on both Nintendo Switch and Steam.

This update includes, of course, more monsters. Plenty of big new baddies will be available to hunt, including the giant Chaotic Gore Magala. They seem like a bad time.

If your friends are too intimidated by the hunt, you can always call on Followers. The AI companions had events like Follower Quests, which let the various NPCs of Monster Hunter Rise team up with you for a special trek.

Free Title Update 3 will let you bring Followers along on Master Rank and Anomaly Research quests as well. And hunters might need the help too, as new monsters are being added to the Anomaly Research quests.

Breaking dawn

Weekly event quests are in store too, which will have unique rewards for hunters who finish the quests. And if you want even more cosmetics, there’s some paid DLC in store for Sunbreak.

New layered weapons are on the way as paid DLC. Layered weapons are essentially weapon skins, which modify the appearance but not the stats of a given weapon. These particular layered weapons are stuffed versions of popular Monster Hunter monsters. Whoever turned the Khezu into a weapon is a creative and devilish mastermind.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak‘s Free Title Update 3 goes live on November 24.

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