Someone snapped photos of every creature’s feet in Monster Hunter Rise for their Hunter’s Notes

Monster Hunter Rise creature feet

You know, for research purposes

I always get a kick out of seeing what other players are up to in the games I’m enjoying on and off when time allows, especially something like Monster Hunter Rise. There’s room for a bunch of different play styles and skill levels, so you never know quite what you’re going to get when you hit play on a clip.

In this case, I’m not here to tell you about a perfectly calculated high-flying tail slice, fun as those are. Nah, I’m here to show you this player’s complete collection of monster feet for their Hunter’s Notes.

I respect Reddit user tutubutt‘s dedication to this amusingly time-consuming bit.

I took a photo of the feet of every large and small monster from MonsterHunter

What would Fugen say about this? Word travels fast in Kamura Village.

So far, I’ve spent essentially all of my Monster Hunter Rise energy squeezing in as many hunts as possible, so it hadn’t dawned on me yet to build out a themed collection of pics for the catalog.

As this photo stash makes the rounds online, I bet some folks on the art team at Capcom finally feel seen. Getting the monsters’ meaty feet to look just right is a thankless task, but an important one.

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