Monster Hunter Rise is going to rip, isn’t it?

Here’s another quick look

I’m trying to think of the last time I’ve been this excited for a Monster Hunter game.

Don’t get me wrong! It was a blast waiting for World, to see how Capcom brought the series into the current generation. But Rise feels different. It feels like an evolution in some ways, especially with the varied terrain and the addition of the Palamute dog companion; but it’s also the simplicity of it being on one platform (which makes it super easy to team up with people, since everyone is on the same page).

That feeling is probably best portrayed in this quick 30-second commercial clip. You get the gist of the expansive new setting (with hunters literally looking down on the world at the start of the video, as well as the thrill of grappling around and running up a mountain), the cuteness of the dogs, a brief tease of new formidable foes; it’s all there.

Oh, it has amiibo too. That might help shoot it up on the list of my most anticipated games of 2021 list! I can’t escape the hold of those little things.

Chris Carter
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