Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: new screens, bad v/o trailer

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The biggest thing to hit Japan since Godzilla is coming to the US on the PSP very soon. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is what they’re calling it here. I spent some quality time with the game at GDC this year and loved it, with the best part being the multiplayer action. Up to four people can team up to adventure together and take down monsters, and the required teamwork is what makes it so fun.

That teamwork is the focus of the new trailer you’ll find after the jump. There’s no game play footage here — just story background and cutscenes set to some iffy voice over work. Well, iffy or funny. You pick.

We also have a bunch of new screenshots from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in our gallery below.

I’m glad I took a chance and popped my Monster Hunter cherry. I’m looking forward to this. How about you?

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