Monopoly GO Mogul of the Opera

Monopoly GO: All Mogul of the Opera rewards and milestones

Sing your heart out.

Monopoly GO‘s Mogul of the Opera event is the last before the Making Music season ends. Before the next season, enjoy several tournaments, one last banner event, and Peg-E’s prize drop minigame. Let’s check out the entire list of Mogul of the Opera event rewards.

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All Monopoly GO Mogul of the Opera event rewards and milestones

Monopoly GO’s Mogul of the Opera event has 43 rewards you can obtain until June 20, 2024. Finishing every prize tier rewards you 17,600 dice, 1,025 Peg-E chips, and an exclusive board token skin. Below is every Mogul of the Opera event reward.

Event LevelPoints RequiredRewards
15Five Peg-E prize drop chips
21030 Dice Rolls
445Eight Peg-E prize drop chips
520One-Star Sticker Pack
62550 Dice Rolls
73512 Peg-E prize drop chips
8145220 Dice Rolls
93515 Peg-E prize drop chips
1040Two-Star Sticker Pack
114520 Peg-E prize drop chips
12350400 Dice Rolls
134525 minutes of Mega Heist
146035 Peg-E prize drop chips
15300Two-Star Sticker Pack
16500Popstar Ms. M token
177040 Peg-E prize drop chips
1885Three-Star Sticker Pack
1910045 Peg-E prize drop chips
201,1001,000 Dice Rolls
2113060 Peg-E prize drop chips
23150Three-Star Sticker Pack
24350500 Dice Rolls
2522075 Peg-E prize drop chips
26280Four-Star Sticker Pack
271,6001,500 Dice Rolls
28350120 Peg-E prize drop chips
29450Four-Star Sticker Pack
30650700 Dice Rolls
31750180 Peg-E prize drop chips
321,9001,800 Dice Rolls
331,300Five-Star Sticker Pack
34650160 Peg-E prize drop chips
362,7002,100 Dice Rolls
371,100Four-Star Sticker Pack
381,200250 Peg-E prize drop chips
403,5002,800 Dice Rolls
411,30010 minutes of Cash Boost
421,750Four-Star Sticker Pack
436,0006,500 Dice Rolls
Five-Star Sticker Pack

Alongside your usual dice and cash rewards, you can get 11 sticker packs to help you get last-minute Making Music album stickers. The Mogul of the Opera event also features the exclusive Popstar Ms. M token for your showcase, giving you another board cosmetic to use.

How to score points in the Monopoly GO Mogul of the Opera event

You’ll gain points during Monopoly GO’s Mogul of the Opera event by landing on corner spaces. Below are the four tiles that grant points:

  • Go
  • Visiting Jail
  • Free Parking
  • Go to Jail

Each tile gives four points that increase depending on your dice multiplier. If you want to get a token, stickers, or dice during the next three days, using your multiplier to maximize your points is the key to success. However, you’ll also use more dice with each roll, so using resources like free dice links, Peg-E’s prize drop rewards, and tournament prizes will help you along the way.

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