Monocles at the ready! Gamecock to open new UK office

As the largest of the indie game sites, Destructoid has always been ready and willing to give the rebellious Gamecock some love. I might still be a little wary of the company’s output, but news that it plans to open a UK branch by the end of the year is very encouraging indeed. As you know, I’m all for game companies realizing that the PAL territories exist, so this is great to hear.

“It’s mostly about us trying to give our developers the best deal we can across the PAL territories too,” Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson told “When doing a co-publishing deal, it’s really hard to do that.”

Of course, once Gamecock sets up shop, I fully expect a guided tour of the new digs complete with complimentary sausage rolls. This is essential. I will, in return, teach Gamecock to master the arts of monocle wearing and monocle popping, so that its UK dealings go as smoothly as possible in the future. 

[Thanks to TheGoldenDonut]

James Stephanie Sterling