Monochroma makes good on one additional platform today

Much to the chagrin of some Kickstarter backers

Following its PC release more than two years ago, 1950s dystopian puzzle platformer Monochroma makes its way to Xbox One today. The game was originally Kickstarted with promised appearances on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii U, and Ouya. Plans were quickly altered following the PC launch.

The main reason that developer Nowhere Studios backpedaled on additional platforms is because critical reception was not favorable. We gave Monochroma a four out of ten, noting its poor controls, performance problems, and often dull puzzle design. 

While not everything can be fixed, two years’ time should have the game in a more playable state. You’d expect control and performance issues to be ironed out by now. Also, the developer has slashed the introductory price in half, down from $20 to a more reasonable $10.

Still, it’s a curious decision to re-release a Limbo-like dystopian puzzle platformer now, mere days before the launch of Inside — a dystopian puzzle platformer from the actual developers of Limbo. People already know what to expect from Monochroma and the bar’s much higher for Inside. It’s reasonable to think that people who are in the mood for this kind of game would just wait a few days because Inside‘s probably a better bet.

Monochroma [Xbox]

Brett Makedonski
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