MonkeyPaw Games bringing more PSOne classics

Not to long ago we told you about how former Hudson CEO John Greiner left to create MoneyPaw Games. His goal is to bring out all the cool Japanese games we’ve been cheated over the years. Now we know a bit more about what he’s planning to release, and it all sounds good.

Greiner has announced that their first project will be to bring all the sweet Japanese PSOne classics to the west. One look at the Japanese PlayStation Network offerings will have classic game fans steaming, as they’re seen so many titles that we haven’t. I’m so glad someone is on this.

While we don’t have any specific names yet, we do know that four titles are coming soon, and they’ll come untranslated, as-is. Fine by me!

MonkeyPaw is also planning to bring games to the Virtual Console and XBLA, though no specific titles have been mentioned.

MonkeyPaw Games brings PS one classics from Japan to PSN [the kartel]

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