Monday Night Combat screens and a slick retro wallpaper

Even though file size restrictions for Xbox LIVE Arcade games have vastly increased, we’re still not seeing a continuous flow of games with high production values that take full advantage of the allotted server space.

Not to say that a smaller scale game can’t be immensely satisfying, but when it’s simple and decent at best, it doesn’t have much going for it. Uber Entertainment, however, looks to be on the right track with Monday Night Combat.

In our first real look at the in-game action, we get to see the Assassin “grappling” the Assault. The person in charge of capturing screenshots has a sense of humor, that’s for sure. The other two shots have a startling lack of a HUD; it’s probably just for the sake of providing a better picture.

Lastly, there’s a neat wallpaper with retro-style versions of Monday Night Combat‘s characters. They should totally go the Dark Void Zero route and come up with an 8-bit MNC game.

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