Monday Mind Teasers: Retroid edition!

Retro remix for Retroid!

Whoa, who the frak is Fronz? Hi! Some of our long time readers might remember me as the first editor Niero hired back in 2006. I was the Editor-in-Chief in the interim between Robert Summa and Nick Chester, and later on I helped Matthew Razak launch Flixist. It’s been a few years since I published my weekly columns on Dtoid and it sure does feel great to be back!

With Destructoid being acquired, the recent launch of the Retroid podcast as a spiritual successor to RetroForce GO!, and Niero dusting me off in the attic, there sure is a lot of nostalgia going around this week! In honor of the old days here at Destructoid, I’m bringing Monday Mind Teasers back and dedicating this week to Retroid by highlighting some classic retro games. Want more? Retroid episode 3 came out yesterday and is all about puzzle games!

How does it work? Simple! I disguised five old game covers in the gallery below. View the images and see if you can post the titles of one or all of them in the comments before anyone else! This week I’ll even include a hint to get everyone started. There’s one game from each of these platforms: Amiga, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and an arcade game that later came out on the Atari 2600. Good luck!

I’ll confirm or deny guesses in the comments below. Check back next Monday for more game industry puzzles.

Easy #1:

Hint: NES

Easy #2:

Hint: Arcade & Atari 2600

Medium #1:

Hard #1:

Hard #2:

That’s it! Good luck. Check back next Monday for a new batch of game industry puzzles!

Tom Fronczak