Monday Mind Teasers 6/04/07

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It’s my first day of being the official Editor in Chief, and I couldn’t have picked a worse time to make everyone hate me. I wouldn’t say this is the hardest Monday Mind Teasers ever, although it certainly is far from the easiest.

Usually, to help you guys figure out the disguised video game covers, I have each week follow a new theme. This week is no different, there’s still a theme, except this time it’s far more devious than usual. There’s two semi-easy game covers to solve, and then one that’s near impossible. In other words, if you can’t solve the theme, you’ll never figure out this week’s hard puzzle. EVAR!

So, is the theme really hard to figure out? No, probably not at all. I’m sure one of you will guess it right away. You guys have decimated me every other week, why stop now? I’ve only stumped you guys one week in the past, so let’s see if you can maintain your near flawless record. Good luck!

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