Monday Mind Teasers 2/26/07

New to Monday Mind Teasers? No problem, here’s how it works. I’ve picked a few different video game covers, and disguised them each with shaky hand-drawn silhouettes. With the help of other Dtoiders, your job is to figure out every single one of the secret video game covers.

This week there’s two easy ones, a medium, and two hard teasers. To help make it easier for you though, each week’s group of games all share a theme with each other. It could be games that all have “ring” in their titles, or they’re all for the Nintendo 64, or they’re all games that really suck. So keep an open mind.

Try to solve the easier ones first to figure out the theme, and then use that to help you realize what the harder ones are. This week’s teasers are a little difficult to solve until you get the theme, so good luck!

Tom Fronczak