Monday Mind Teasers 12/04/06

You know how it works – with the help of each other, try to figure out all of the disguised video game covers. They all share a common theme that, once solved, can help you figure out the harder one. Make sure you also try to solve this week’s video game jumble, with 4 new cryptic words to unscramble to help you figure out the answer. This week’s teasers are a little easy but their theme is tricky.

And if you are new to Destructoid’s jumble, just keep reading for directions. Let the games begin!












JUMBLE DIRECTIONS: To solve the answer to the puzzle you need to unscramble each of the word jumbles above. This week there are four jumbles, but it could be more in later weeks. The goal is to unscramble the hidden gaming related word in each jumble – it could be a gaming character, item, weapon, place, title, catch phrase, company, game maker, etc, etc, etc.

AFTER you’ve unscrambled every word jumble you need to check to see which letters are in the red highlighted boxes. Those letters are used in the answer. So by unscrambling each jumble you will know the eight letters in this week’s jumble answer and can then unscramble those letters to solve the answer.

Figuring out the answer isn’t all you need to do though, every gaming word jumble also needs to be solved. So help each other out and post the individual jumbles when you figure them out. If you’ve got any questions go ahead and ask them. Good luck!

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