Monday Mind Teasers 1/01/07

Ah, a whole new year of video game mind teasers! Some weeks it’s disguised video game covers which you game veterans try to figure out, and always do no matter how hard I make it. I often make gaming jumbles as well, but those also prove no match for you bored gamers at work each Monday. I realize a good portion of our readers are a bit out of it today after a long night of partying, so I saved this new addition to Monday Mind Teasers for the evening when most of you are awake and attentive. So here it is — the newest recurring mind teaser puzzle you’ll be seeing every now and then — “Find Mr. Dtoid!”

Over a million people have read Destructoid, so picking out our number one fan would be damn near impossible, but Hushgush would definitely be close to the top of the list. Not only is this new puzzle for Monday Mind Teasers his genius idea, but he also took a week or two and made this entire scene for us and our readers to enjoy.

Hushgush has hidden several Destructoid writers and dozens of gaming references in the New Years party scene above — how many characters can you find? How many Elebits are there? Here, I’ll get you started — check out me playing Dtoid DJ in the back! And there’s the Katamari Prince literally rolling in the New Years! Looks like CTZ gets a little friendly after he’s got a few drinks in him — Faith and Colette do not look pleased. I think my favorite hidden writer though would have to be RevAnthony holding up a big fat 4 for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Notice how no one will talk to him.

But what’s the main objective to this mind teaser? From here on, whenever there’s a “Find Mr. Dtoid!” puzzle, the goal is, you guessed it, find the hidden Dtoid head in the scene. Don’t expect Hushgush to pump out a cartoony Where’s Waldo scene every week though, I’ll be hiding our robot mascot in a variety of photos and paintings throughout 2007. Maybe I’ll even have a contest eventually where I hide dozens of Dtoid heads in a picture and the first to guess how many there are wins a prize.

Click the small picture below for a high resolution zoomed in picture that you can enjoy more, and comment on all the gaming details you find. And thanks again to Hushgush for such an awesome gift! Let’s see who can find the hidden Dtoid robot head first — Happy New Years everyone!

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