Molyneux says Fable III to feature an in-game store

Dropping real coinage on fantasy swords may be just as easy as purchasing a Rock Band 2 DLC song in the future — that is, if Peter Molyneux’s plans come to fruition.

Earlier this evening during his BAFTA lecture, the Lionhead Studios head honcho announced plans to incorporate an in-game store in Fable III. He ideated that it would be used for purchasing simple items like weapons, DLC on the scale of Fable II’s Knothole Island expansion, and even FAQs.

Fine. We see where Molyneux is going with this — the Xbox LIVE Marketplace tab is a beautiful reminder that we are, indeed, playing a videogame. But this seems more like cold, hard business than it is a helpful, or a fruitful and innovative thing. We’ll have to see.

[via That VideoGame Blog]

Brad BradNicholson