Molyneux on Fable II’s canine companion: “He’s just a dog.”

The other week, in a rare show of humility, Peter Molyneux mentioned some of the imperfections in the upcoming Fable II. This included his much lauded feature, the dog who acts as your character’s companion, which he described as being, “a bit fractured sometimes.”

Not wanting anyone to think that the dog would be a serious issue in the game, he’s backed off from that statement a bit in an interview with CVG. He claims that he was talking about an earlier build of the pup which would occasionally be, “a bit psychotic.” Rest assured, those problems have been fixed now and Pete thinks his little doggie in the window is, “pretty amazing.”

What Molyneux really doesn’t want is for anybody to get the wrong impression of the animal. So, while it’s now working the way he wants it to, he cautions that players should not expect the dog to have amazing powers:

“He’s not going to wag his tail at 300 miles per hour and fly through the air and save you from the dragon of doom, no that there is a dragon of doom. He’s not going to be able to fart at supersonic speed. He’s just a dog.”

Fable was hyped as being the second coming in RPGs, which it most certainly was not, and Molyneux seems determined promote the sequel without creating unrealistic expectations this time. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks after all.

[Via CVG]

Conrad Zimmerman