Molyneux: Fable III is going to be a different experience

One of the biggest problems gamers have is that they seem addicted to scooping up endless sequels and reiterations of a game, and then turning around and complain about them. Would we still complain if a sequel was completely different from its predecessor though?

Peter Molyneux thinks that is what Fable III is, and that’s one of the reasons he’s just so super excited about it. Speaking with Switched, he said, “We could make Fable III like any sequel. Surely we know what the world is now and the game mechanics. You know, ‘now is not the time to experiment.’ But no, I think my point is that we need to surprise people.”

Of course Mario has been switching up his formula each game since day one, but we’ll pretend this was yet another stroke of genius from Molyneux. Should we believe that Fable III is redefining the franchise or is this just more hot air?

Switched Video: Peter Molyneux and Gaming From (and for) the Heart [Switched, via Edge]

Matthew Razak