Mojang stealth released Crown and Council, its new free strategy game


Yesterday Mojang snuck a casual strategy game onto Steam called Crown and Council. So that’s what those tricksy Minecraft-makers have been up to! 

On the developer’s website, the bajillionaires state that “It’s made entirely by multi-talented Mojangsta, Henrik Pettersson.” His pixelated fast-paced strategy game is about dominating lands as a monarch and trying to keep rivals from doing the same. Whether you want to gain control through military might or by funding universities is entirely up to you (and says absolutely nothing about your political leanings!) 

I haven’t given Crown and Council a shot yet, but something about stealth releases get me all hot and bothered, so I’ll be checking it out soon. the game’s low price of free does help to convince me I’ll maybe like a strategy game for once.

Zack Furniss