Mojang is looking into co-publishing indie games

Minecraft maker Mojang Specifications is “in a great spot right now, we can basically do whatever we want to,” says business development director Daniel Kaplan to

“There are tonnes of opportunities out there for us right now. But we have to wait it out and figure out what’s the best thing for us to do,” he admits. “They’re from hardware manufacturers, other publishers, ad networks, all that stuff. We’re looking into publishing our own games too though, bringing indie games under our own brand.”

Kaplan says that Mojang is “still having to figure out how that’s going to work out. We hope to have something out this fall at least, some co-published games.”

This could be a cool initiative to see from the company. I can envision them attracting the type of unique games that tend to have trouble getting publishers.

Mojang interested in co-publishing other indies []

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