ModKit is the only modding tool The Witcher 3 is getting

Bye bye, RedKit

ModKit for The Witcher 3 was released last week, which allows more experienced people to create mods for the game by giving them access to game resources. It’s a fairly limited system compared to REDKit that was released later on in The Witcher 2’s life, plus the barrier to entry is a bit higher.

Unfortunately, it’s all we’re going to be getting for The Witcher 3. In a tweet made by the community lead of CD Projekt Red, it’s confirmed REDKit won’t be coming for The Witcher 3, and ModKit is all we’ll be getting.

This contradicts an IGN interview in January 2014 with CD Projekt CEO Marcin Iwinksi:

… we are looking to release the REDKit sometime after the game launches for the modding community.

ModKit is good, don’t get me wrong. Any mod tools are better than nothing, and most big releases don’t even bother with them. It’s just nowhere near as robust as REDKit which allowed you to make your own quests and adventures. Just being able to give Geralt a tracksuit is a little bit of a step down.

Joe Parlock