Modern Warfare 2 scalpers charging obscene prices

If you thought that Activision was bad when it came to game prices, you should take a look at the scalpers who are currently charging ridiculous prices for Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition. The limited edition package, which includes night vision goggles, is already sold out around the United Kingdom, which means that shifty-eyed con-merchants have descended upon eBay with their ill-gotten wars.

The worst part? People are actually PAYING the prices!

One particular seller seems to have pushed his luck by attempting to charge $250 for the full kit. However, one UK seller is winning a number of bids for his two copies, both of which are asking for £170. A click on the search page, however, and you’ll see even worse prices: £249, £280, and even £299 are being demanded by some of the scalpers.

Wow. I think Activision itself was asking entirely too much for this gimmicky special edition, but if you actually pay nearly three hundred quid for it, then you are officially a moron, my friend.

[Thanks, Stefan]

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