Modern Warfare 2 DLC not being made until game is ready

One of the major issues concerning the subject of downloadable content is the “It should have been on the disc argument,” a common complaint for DLC that has been developed at the same time as the actual game. Fortunately for Modern Warfare 2 fans, no such complaints can be levied, as Infinity Ward will be making sure the full game is finished before bringing any extra content out.

“We haven’t even begun thinking about what our DLC will be, Let alone finish any,” said community manager Robert Bowling, addressing fan concerns on the official forums. “NO DLC will begin development until the entire game is finished and certified.”

Namco Bandai, take note. That’s how it’s done. 

The first Map Packs are due to arrive in 2010, where they’ll be exclusive to the Xbox 360 for a little while before shuffling onto other platforms. ZOMG BIAS!

Jim Sterling