Modern Warfare 2 customization depth is ‘ridiculous’

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has been in London recently to show off Modern Warfare 2, the latest in the stupidly popular Call of Duty franchise. While talking about the depth of customization options in the new game, Bowling said that hardcore gamers will definitely find appeal, and also stated that it was “ridiculous” in its optional freedom.

The beta is really just the tip of the iceberg at this point, we’re really just showing a little bit [of the game],” he explained. “There’s a lot more to come, whether it be customizable kill streaks, custom death streaks, equipment like tactical insertion, Semtex grenades – all that stuff.

What we’re offering with Modern Warfare 2 is a ridiculous amount of customization. The lead-out is insane, you have all these attachments to choose from. It really caters to the hardcore gamer who wants to dive in deep.”

Considering how much Activision is charging some people for this game, it damn well better be deep and full of customization.

James Stephanie Sterling