Modern Warfare 2 ‘care package’ patch incoming soon

It appears that this care package glitch is causing quite an issue in the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2.

If you’ve come up against a team using it, you know how annoying it can be. You’re on a winning streak, kicking ass with your own skills and ability to shoot people, and then bam! You lose a match because someone is cheating. Aggravating at best.

This exact thing happened to Andrew Reiner over at Game Informer, so he went ahead and tweeted at Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling, asking him when it would be taken care of. Bowling got back in a flash, saying, “The Care Package Fix patch went to Microsoft for cert on Friday. Not too much longer before it’s a thing of the past.”

Hooray! Good to hear they’re on top of it. That patch should be along in no time, or possibly a very long time. Microsoft cert is a bit pesky like that.

Modern Wafrare 2 Care Package Fix On The Way [GameInformer]

Matthew Razak