Modern Sonic will, unsurprisingly, go fast in Sonic Forces

Take a look at the new old new Sonic

The new Sonic game got its name yesterday — Sonic Forces — and a first look at Modern Sonic this morning (or last night, if you caught the off-screen recordings). As you can see, Forces forgoes the Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice style shakeup of the formula and is much more in line with Sonic Generations (Classic Sonic showed up in the debut trailer as well) and Sonic Colors.

So there he is, rail-thin, early-aughts-cool Modern Sonic replete with familiar boost, homing, and stomp attacks an racing forward through a burning city. A colorful, quaint European-looking joint, quasi realistic to boot despite looking like the outskirts are videogame-ass-looking plain green plains. Well, got to put that Hedgehog Engine 2 to work. Brett and I caught Sonic Forces at GDC this year — hands-off, same with Sonic Mania — and we’ll have more from Forces in the future, but until then, enjoy your new old new hedgehog.

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