Modders turn basketball stars into sexfully-horrifying cheerleaders

NBA 2K16 gets sexy/scary

Even you non-sports-liking heathens have to admit that sports yields some of the best gifs. I mean, there’s an entire industry and 24-hour network based around the “highlight,” a primordial gif. Plus remember when the Toronto Raptors mascot fell off his roller skates and the lil tail deflated? That’s art.

So funny things already happen in sports. Sports games, too, always seem to break in hilarious ways because of that harsh snap from reality/immersion to botched simulation. Remember the one foot tall Madden player? And then we add modders into the fray and, well.

If I can offer some fun-alysis here (that’s analysis on why this is funny, keep up), it goes beyond the “man model mapped to ‘feminine’ animation” in a way not dissimilar to Ocelot rolling around in the rain as Quiet. The lack of feet and crotch, because it’s not necessary to model the bodies beneath the shoe endorsements and jock straps, couple with the negative space corset wraps. The attention to detail in getting the player models to look like their real world counterparts lends weight to the beautifully synchronized routine.

Just lovely.

Batman and The Thing also show up at one point because modders are so busy wondering whether or not they could, they have never once stopped to ask if they should. And we love them for it.

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