Modder claims Fallout 4 quest is too similar to his work

Autumn Leaves vs. Brain Dead

Guillaume Veer has a bone to pick with Bethesda.

Recently, the publisher launched its Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4, which contained a quest called “Brain Dead,” featuring a murder mystery vault setup with robots involved. That also happens to be the same concept for the “Autumn Leaves” mod for New Vegas

Veer notes more similarities, saying that there’s even a voice modulation element in both, and even says this situation is “okay,” but is understandably confused. You can see how they match up exactly here. Pete Hines, speaking to GameSpot, says that after checking in, he thinks it’s “a complete coincidence.”

Again, give the modder’s post a read and make your own decision. I did do the Brain Dead quest in Far Harbor and am currently in the process of grabbing the New Vegas mod to check it out for myself. Like Hines says, things like this can happen and it’s not like the scenario is wholly original — though there are a lot of specific similarities on paper.

Brain Dead [ModDB]

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