Mod formerly known as World of StarCraft still being made

There seemed to be widespread confusion over World of StarCraft, a mod which Blizzard found to be fair game, except for the name. The project has not been canceled or anything — just a title change, is all.

It’s now being referred to as StarCraft Universe. My biggest qualm with the initial announcement wasn’t the content. No, it was the (admittedly understandable) lack of clarity on what the mod would entail. We were kindly given a link to this forum post today, which details the commonly-asked questions.

The biggest surprise to me was this tidbit right here: “A total of twelve players can play can play in the same match.” So, StarCraft Universe seems to be more about capturing the smaller-scale raid experience, rather than the overwhelming player base of WoW. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

[Thanks, QueenGambit]

Jordan Devore
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